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Evan had his two-year checkup with the pediatrician. I had to physically hold him down in order for her to be able to measure his head and look in his ears and nose. He is definitely a strong kiddo! He's currently taking 5 mg of Claritin daily to help with his allergies. But we're also waiting for his appointment with the ENT that Trevor saw until a month or two ago. His tonsils are definitely enlarged and so the pediatrician says they'll probably need to come out (likely along with his adenoids) because it's definitely affecting his articulation, which hasn't improved substantially in the last six months that he's been having therapy with Early Intervention - despite coming ahead leaps & bounds in all the other areas.

Evan's always been a pretty easy kid healthwise and aside from the tonsil issue, that held true for this visit. They're now doing a 2 1/2 year checkup too, so we'll be back in six months.

Weight: 27 pounds, 13 ounces (45th percentile)
Height: 36 inches (84th percentile)
Head Circumference: 19.25 inches (54th percentile)
BMI: 15.1 (10th percentile)

Oh - still no sign of those pesky molars!! Where'd they go?!?


Evan is so close to being done with teething! He's had all his central and lateral incisors for a while now, but now all his primary molars are in and his cuspid teeth are all coming in at the same time too. The uppers are a little further along than the lower ones, but in the next month, I'm going to guess they'll all be in. That will leave just the secondary molars, which Katelyn and Trevor both had by the time they turned two. Hooray!!



We experienced a rareity this year: a snowstorm in October in PA. Apparently, records were broken that went all the way back to the Civil War. That's kind of exciting! This was the first snow that Evan's ever gone out to play in. He was super adorable and loved sliding down the big slide in his snowsuit. He was none too happy when I made him come inside. I can't wait until we get more!



Evan's been making excellent progress with his Special Instructor. We're past the point of keeping track of which words he's using and looking more towards expanding to two-word phrases. He's using words both spontaneously and in imitation. Some of the words he has are: baby, bubble, juice, more, mickey mouse, up, down, bears, no, cookie, crackers.

Just a little Fall fun & cuteness!


Evan's crib has been converted to a toddler bed. He noticed immediately, of course, and proceeded to climb in and out for quite some time! Eventually, he did fall asleep but got up sometime around 4:00 am and decided to investigate his room before falling asleep again on the floor. I'm sure in another week or two, the novelty will wear off and he'll stay in bed most of the time.

This is where I'll be posting important stuff about Evan... more to come!

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