Katelyn's Korner


Two things worth making a note of... Katelyn was able to put her earrings back in last weekend. We were worried her previously injured ear would need to be re-pierced once it healed, but it went in smoothly. Hooray!

Second thing - Katelyn was nominated by her teacher for this month's character recognition at school. Each month, the teachers recommend a student to receive a certificate in recognition of good character, depending on what the characteristic is that month. This month's characteristic is "cooperation." Katelyn was very surprised to see her daddy sitting in the audience (she ended up sitting about 5 feet from him for the assembly) and thus figured out she was probably getting a certificate. She was so cute and very enthusiastic! Go Katelyn!!

I will add photos once I can alter the other kids' faces for privacy reasons.


Katelyn had swimming at school for the first time and asked for help to remove her earrings. Her teacher sent a note home saying she wasn't able to get the one out. So I gave it a try and couldn't - why? - because the back of her earring had been sucked into her earlobe! Ick!  So I called the doctor and got a referral to an ENT the next day.

Katelyn braved a giant needle full of lidocaine - something like this:

To get a numb earlobe so that the doctor could pull out the back of the earring with a pair of oversized tweezers. Good times....



Katelyn lost her other upper front tooth! Now she can officially sing, "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!"


It's been loose for a while now, actually, they both have ~ her upper front teeth. Today, during her Halloween party at school, she pulled out the left one and now she resembles a hockey player just a little bit more! She's expecting the tooth fairy to pony up at least a dollar for this one...



Katelyn went Trick-or-Treating as Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled movie tonight. When brushing her teeth afterward, I got to inspect her front teeth more closely than I have in several weeks. Both upper teeth are so close to falling out, I'm fairly certain she'll be asking for her two front teeth for Christmas!

Of course, Katelyn needs a page dedicated to her. More coming soon...

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