Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting Mobile

Every week, I'm updating the kids' individual pages but I haven't had an actual new post for a while. Today, I had something worth sharing, for sure! Levi has been gaining some mobility with all of his new-found skills. Throwing his legs around ends up moving him while he's on his back. And when he's on his tummy, he's constantly pushing with his legs, so in an effort to assist him in learning to crawl, I built him a crawling track!

It was fairly simple to build and modeled after this one:

The concept is that the walls keep baby traveling in a straight(ish) line and doesn't spin in circles. It's comfortable to lie on and gives a slippery enough surface to make for comfortable movement, yet also gives traction for pushing with toes, pulling with arms.

Ours is 48 inches long and approximately 16 inches wide (where baby lies). It's upholstered with 2 inch foam and vinyl fabric. Hopefully it holds up until he's done with it and on to walking! Here's a video of Levi during his second experience with it. He gets a little extra help from his big brother at the end. One end is propped up on the Tumzee to provide just a little assistance from gravity as well.

I can't wait to see if this really helps him develop his crawling skills. I'd love to see him getting around by 9 or 10 months. That would be amazing!!

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