Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gettin' Older

Well crap... I just realized that I'm getting older. In my head, I'm forever the 21-year-old version of myself, but with a little more maturity in my perspective on life. Occasionally, I'll catch sight of myself in the dreaded mirror. (gasp!) and remember that the phrase, "when I become a grown-up" may no longer apply to my situation. I'm there... I think...

What recently gave me a firm reminder of this was my daughter's seventh birthday. I simply cannot believe that I've been doing this whole parenting thing for seven loooong years. And yet it seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye!

Aside from the cats, Katelyn is the only other estrogen in the sea of testosterone in our home... She is my girlie-girl but also manages to fit in just fine with the rough-and-tumble boys. She loves barbie dolls, dress up, singing, crafts, Disney princesses and reading. Her favorite color is purple and can often be seen wearing three or four pieces of clothing in a monochromatic mashup!

Enjoying one of her favorite Christmas presents!

She requested a Hello Kitty party and we ended up celebrating with a pajama/sleepover party. She loved every moment of it and actually thanked me for all the work into putting it all together. I hoped she would enjoy it because effective as of now, we are throwing parties only every other year. On the odd ages, they get a big party - on the even years, a dinner out with a cake and candles. It will save a ton on our budget and works out perfectly - with the four kids, we'll have one party roughly every 6 months. I don't think that plan could've worked out any better!

I look forward to many fun years ahead with this little girl, even as she become less "little" by the day. She's full of sass, which I admire (as long as she's not sassing me!) and she often makes me laugh simply because she's so much like me... but NOT me as a child... no, me now. Yikes! I suspect we'll often be butting heads in the future, but I hope she'll know that her mama will always be there for her, through thick and thin and that she's special to me because she's my girl and the special person who introduced me to being a mama.

Love you, Sunshine!!

No Plain-Jane Poses for This Girl!

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  1. Love the girlie girl dress! She looks like she loves it! Laughed out loud at forever being 21...I know exactly what you mean!


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