Monday, July 30, 2012

The Next Big Thing

First, my apologies to Levi's fans. I have been a major blog slacker. I admit it freely and although I have some things to write about bopping around in my head, the time needed to put it into words is just beyond my reach these days - specifically because of the things I want to write about. My guess is that we'll have one huge update somewhere around the time the big kids head back to school and I actually get a few moments to myself during the day. Until then, I'll leave a few crumbs around to tide you over....

Drum roll, please........

Levi FINALLY decided it's time to crawl without his belly on the ground. Where does he make this big-time decision? In the bathtub of all places! Do I have a fabulous video to show off this new skill? Yup. Is it public-viewing worthy? Barely - sadly there is naked baby butt all over the place and I just can't predict whether Levi will be disappointed in me (20 years from now) if I post it here. So I quickly added a diaper for a little modesty and requested a repeat performance. He obliged - barely. But I have evidence, which is all that matters!

Of course, after the bath, he continued the odd-ball crawl across the kitchen floor sans diaper. Again - no video I can share publicly. Yes, I'm pouting... but I'll get over it because I know this awesome little boy will keep on practicing until I can't remember what he looked like doing his patented inchworm "crawl-drag".

Go, Levi!!!

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  1. Congratulations!!! That is amazing! I am so happy for you, I know what a huge milestone this is (we are still working to get there).


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