Friday, October 5, 2012

Another New Adventure - for Trevor

Scouting is better than hanging out in a tree all day!

Trevor is going to be joining "The Scouts" - the Cub Scouts, specifically. We're very excited for him and hopeful that this activity is beneficial to him in allowing him lots of practice with socializing with lots of different people. He can sometimes have difficulty understanding and going along with some of the day-to-day rules and problems kids his age encounter. For example, dealing with frustration and learning to talk to friends instead of becoming volatile emotionally has been hard for him. Scouts tries to teach kids that life is about doing your best - not necessarily winning. It helps to teach them how to be good citizens, to be healthy and fit, to have respect and faith. These lessons are accomplished in ways that someone with Aspergers can relate to - they can focus on their special interests and perhaps even pick up new ones along the way.

I found a blogger who lays this idea out very well. Enjoy the read...

Why is Scouting suitable for kids with Asperger's (part 1)

Why is Scouting suitable for kids with Asperger's (part 2)

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