Thursday, May 3, 2012

The MotherPucker Project - Help a Mama Out!!

I love, love, love the girls over at Rants from Mommyland! They are awesomely funny and amazingly generous. They have organized several outreach programs, allowing moms to help other moms in fabulous ways!

Their most recent project is termed the MotherPucker project - in honor of Mother's Day. One aspect of this project is Bloggers for Birth Kits. There are parts of the world where maternal childbirth rates are WAY too high and it's because they lack sanitary materials for childbirth. The gals at Rants from Mommyland posted a blog which shares a way in which moms can help other moms by putting together inexpensive Clean Birth Kits - or by contributing a donation to buy the kits to be sent to moms-to-be. Check it out here and participate if you can. An hour or two of your time and/or a couple of dollars can save so many lives!! You can donate/make kits whenever you'd like, but the deadline for emailing to participate in the MotherPucker project is tonight so GO, GO, GO!!!

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