Friday, May 11, 2012

Today's Concern: A False Cure for Autism

This morning was one of those I firmly place in the "this sucks" category. Trevor's ASD reared it's ugly head BIG time and left us both close to tears as he got on the school bus. It got me thinking more about how he really needs more services to address his behavioral and emotional issues and he just doesn't get them right now because of how well he does while in the school environment.

I got to thinking about how the DSM-V diagnostic criteria will be changing soon and I began to worry (again) about whether Trevor will still qualify for a diagnosis when the new publication is released. I feel he should. And according to what I'm reading, he may... but it's certainly not guaranteed. It's rather upsetting to think that a whole group of people who clearly have difficulties which need addressed are going to be swept under the rug for the convenience of insurance. They seem to think it's the "cure" for autism... well, at least the cure for the rising rates of diagnosis anyway! HA!

I wanted to share what I feel was a great write-up on this issue. Hope you find it as informative as I did!

New DSM-V Criteria for ASD

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