Sunday, August 7, 2011

In the Beginning

There are many beginnings in life. Some are like fireworks going off; some happen so quietly, they don't even register in the mind. The first incarnation of my current life began when I was twelve. I moved to a new neighborhood and decided to follow a cute boy to the bus stop. Being twelve and full of hormones and yet slightly shy set the stage for an intense crush that would last many years and blossom into something so much more. At the time, I had only hoped that cute boy would notice me and maybe think I was cute. I had no idea he'd one day marry me!
Fast forward six years and that cute boy and I graduate from high school together; that summer we start dating and six months later, we're engaged to be married! In no particular rush to the altar, we buy our first home and then start planning the nuptuals.

Just as we're finalizing the details on our beachy destination wedding in Jamaica, we get a huge surprise.... we're going to be parents! Sooner, rather than later... So I trade in my beautiful, silver embroidered ballgown wedding dress for an empire-waisted variety which will look oh-so-cute on my frame at six months into my pregnancy.

I'm so proud of us because we're young, we're homeowners, we're newlyweds and we're working together as a team so perfectly....that is how it was, in the beginning. 

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