Monday, August 22, 2011

A Tiny Thrill

This is small and I don't have a whole lot to say on the matter, but I wanted to mention the thrill I got yesterday when I took my older children to an amusement park. Katelyn and I were standing in line for the very first ride when I took notice of the family in front of us. They had four children (like me) and the youngest child was standing there, patiently holding the father's hand while waiting. To my amazement, he had Down syndrome!

I say "amazement" because to date, I have not seen a single person in my community with Down syndrome since I was a child. I know that they are out there as almost all of my friends tell me they know of someone in our area, but I personally haven't seen anyone. Anyhow - it seems sort of fortuitous that I saw this happy family enjoying their day at the park. It's not like I'm walking around all gloom-and-doom about our future family adventures, but it's great to see proof that families like mine can still get out and enjoy themselves with the typical family activities without complication (at least that I could see). It gave me a positive boost for the remainder of the day!!

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