Sunday, August 14, 2011

So Many Things

Perhaps it's the novelty of having something new to do, but I find myself sitting here wanting to write about a million things all at once! Not knowing exactly where to begin or how to pace myself is difficult... I may find myself adding several posts a day until I've finally decluttered my brain a bit!

First things did planning a birthday party come to be such an overwhelming thing? Trevor wants to have a pirate party and I find myself spending what seems like hours online looking for all the appropriate supplies and favors and such and yet I've purchased nothing and accomplished little in the way of actually being closer to being ready to celebrate his 5 years of life. I've got to get myself together and focus...tomorrow...yeah, tomorrow sounds good for that! Procrastination wins out yet again


Levi had his first appointment last week with his physical therapist. There's not a whole lot to be done in his appointments at this point in time, but I did get some suggestions on how to run his tummy time and floor time to promote development of head control. I found a really cool device that I'd like to purchase in a few months to help with his gross motor control. It's called the Wingbo and it's essentially a baby-powered swing for tummy time. I really hope we get to give it a try around the time Levi is about 4-5 months old!

As you can see here, Levi is doing his homework exercises. His therapist said her goal would be to see him holding his head up at four months of age. I'm trying to get some better toys to make his work more enjoyable.  Here's to hoping we get there on time...

Next thing I'd like to mention: Levi LOVES the baby carrier. As I write this, he's been snuggled in the wrap carrier for almost 4 hours, just snoozing away! I've had this carrier since Trevor was born and I've certainly gotten my $40 worth of use out of it and then some. For parents of young infants, if you haven't looked into babywearing just yet, do it! Your baby will love you for it! Levi is modeling it below...just ignore the cleavage.

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