Friday, October 14, 2011

31 for 21: Day 14 ~ Holy Pudge, Batman!

Yet another week has gone by and this baby continues to grow. Somebody said something about kids with T21 being slow to grow. Apparently, this kid didn't get that memo yet. 16 weeks old and he's up to almost 16 lbs! Ay chihuahua!!

I attempted to start Levi on the Nutrivene D supplement (mentioned in last week's post) but the particles are too big to go through a standard bottle nipple, so I can't dilute it in an entire bottle of breastmilk. And apparently, despite lacking a real "smell", it is very bitter and so poor Levi makes the worst faces and does his best to avoid swallowing it if I only mix it with a little milk and try to administer it via oral syringe. Soo... I think we're looking at holding off on the Nutrivene until he's on some solids and I can mix it in something that will hide the taste. Until then, we'll continue with the supplements he's been getting for several weeks now: Zinc, B12, Choline and Poly-Vi-Sol.

I've noticed this week that he's spit up a few times, which is unusual for him. The Prilosec he takes for reflux pretty much eliminated that problem. I wonder if perhaps his dosage needs increased. Or maybe it's just an anomoly.

His naps are becoming more organized. I've always gone by the information in the book, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child," and so far I've got 3 good sleepers. Levi is working on becoming number 4. Typically around 4 months of age, the morning nap becomes more consistent. Until this past week, Levi never slept longer than an hour (except following vaccines). This week, he had several days where he took a full two-hour nap in the morning. His mid-day nap and late afternoon nap are still pretty short, about 45-60 minutes. He's also been taking a siesta during the dinner hour and then he'll be up for about an hour or two before hitting the sack for the night.

All of this sleeping, combined with all the weight he's put on has me a bit concerned about his thyroid. One of the main medical conditions which is co-morbid with T21 is hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a disease process where the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones. These hormones control SO many functions within the body, a major one of which is metabolism and brain function. With kids who have T21, the thyroid function can start off normal, but as they grow, it can fail to keep up. That being said, and seeing all the extra sleeping Levi's been doing as well as how much weight he's gaining, I'm beginning to worry about it. I think I'm extra worried because I, as well as my grandfather, have a history of thyroid disease, so I would say he's "extra" predisposed to it. As a result, I've decided to have his blood drawn for his 4 month checkup in a couple of weeks to find out if everything is still functioning well. It will hopefully put my mind at ease. I don't look forward to putting him through the blood draw, but unfortunately, it will become a standard part of his life. At least annually, he'll need to have it checked, just like I do.

The last two weeks, he's blown me away with all the progress he's made with head control and with vocalization. Today, I'm sharing his weekly pic, as well as a few extras. Enjoy!

Weight: 15 lbs, 10 oz 
Length: 24.25 inches
Head Circumference: 16 inches

16 weeks old!

Hangin' with Mommy

Tummy Time

Having a Conversation...

Enjoying his new Jumper...

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