Friday, October 21, 2011

31 for 21: Day 21 ~ Food is Good!

Levi is fast approaching 4 months of age. That is the age when I've always started introducing solid foods to my kids. The routine has pretty consistently been to start with rice cereal, then oatmeal, eventually moving on to veggies and then fruits.

This time I decided to take a different path. Instead, I decided to start with sweet potatoes. I've done enough reading to feel confident that there isn't any real danger in starting an infant on something that actually tastes like food!

Plus, the bonus is that if he consumes this eagerly, I should be able to start giving him his Nutrivene D supplement. It is an excellent multivitamin, but tastes rather bitter alone and doesn't dissolve well enough for a bottle.

There was a tiny bit of pushing the food out with his tongue, but he seemed mostly accepting of it and I'm hoping that maybe over the next week, he'll actually get excited about it.

Of course this means that all too soon, the results in the diaper won't be as simple to handle (we cloth diaper), but that means he'll just be joining in the same ranks as his brother. I'm happy to make this leap even if it means more work for me in the laundry department.

Plus, I'm starting with the jarred purees for ease of use, but soon I'll be back in the swing of making homemade baby food again. Those were fun days in the kitchen. And ~ it was great to know that what I was feeding my baby was as healthy as it gets with no preservatives or added colors or dilution with water that wasn't necessary.

AND because its Friday, Levi is another week older. He's 17 weeks and in 3 days, he'll be 4 months old. My mother always told me time goes faster the older you get and I totally agree! Here's his cutie pie picture from his "lunch" today...

First Food: Sweet Potatoes
And just showing off his belly button, while completely refusing to showcase his new skill, "sitting unsupported by anything except the couch"
17 weeks!
I know he's up to 16 pounds, but I haven't had a chance to do his weekly measurements because it's been crazy-busy this week. I'm sure I'll try to get them posted for, later today!

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