Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 for 21: Day 9 ~ A New Adventure for Levi

Okay, okay - at some point in the next day or two, I will get back to the more "serious" advocacy or education aspect of this blog for Ds. But, not today! Today I am posting a brag for little Levi.

At his last physical therapy appointment, his therapist recommended that we start working on weight bearing a bit with Levi. I've tried holding him on my lap, but instead of putting his feet down flat to push to a stand, he tends to bring the soles of his feet together, which requires extra work to get things straightened out. I decided today to try the doorway jumper to see if he'd tolerate that.

I set things up and was way impressed with how much he didn't complain about it! Not one bit! And besides the weight-bearing practice, he also got a good workout for his neck muscles and he even did some reaching for his toys. All great things we've been working on! I just had to share a short video of him enjoying his new toy...

In case you're wondering, Levi needs practice weight-bearing because sometimes kids with Ds have more difficulty with learning to stand or crawl or walk because they dislike bearing weight on their legs. Sometimes the factors affecting this include other things, like looser ligaments in the joints. But, getting him used to having weight on his hips and knees and feet can make reaching those milestones a little easier down the road.

Until tomorrow...

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